Multiple Imputation: SEM & diagnostics


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Bruce A. Cooper posted on Monday, March 19, 2007 - 5:59 pm
Thanks, Linda -

Here are some references that you may find useful.

I haven't gotten the Statistics in Medicine reference yet, but Don Rubin referred to it and two others in the "IMPUTE" thread "IMPUTE: Re: "Averaging" chi-square values (fwd)" as providing information about averaging Chi-squared values from SEM models on imputed data sets. There are some other notes in the IMPUTE threads re averaging R-squared values, but you already report R-squared for the imputation analysis. It would be nice to have the DF for the t-tests and the and an option for testing the Deviance, too!


Li, K. H., Raghunathan, T. E., & Rubin, D. B. (1991). Large-sample significance levels from multiply imputed data using moment-based statistics and an F-reference distribution. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 86(416), 1065-1073.

Rubin, D. B., & Meng, X. L. (1992). Performing likelihood ratio tests with multiply-imputed data sets. Biometrika, 79(1), 103-111.

Rubin, D. B., & Schenker, N. (1991). Multiple imputation in health-care databases: an overview and some applications. Stat Med, 10(4), 585-598. (PMID: 2057657)

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