Subversion and my course notes/hanouts

I've started an SVN archive where I'm going to be putting my source code for handouts and lectures, so if you want the
LyX or R files for that stuff, you can have it. But you need to sign up for a CRMDA computing account (free) and then
read my writeup on how to use an SVN version control system.

All the information on signing up and accessing these systems is on the CRMDA computing focal point:

and the SVN manual I wrote is here:

Read down to point 8, "I'm Shooting with Real Bullets Now", and you see I've created my repository under


If you create an account, you should have read access to those files. I'm just starting now, but the beauty of SVN is
you can easily get the updated copy or scan for changes.

I try to remember to print out pdf versions and drop them back into the stat website. For example, my handouts on
logistic regression were pretty good, but not totally awesome. Last week I turned up the dial to 9 for a couple of days
and made a couple of things that I expect will really help. In particular, if you are considering using ordinal logistic
regression, you will benefit from a review of the documents. The meaning of the elusive terms "intercept" and
"threshold" is laid bare; the puzzle that different programs report different numbers is solved. In the web page, they
are now under stat at

But in the SVN-repo, you find those as LyX (?LaTeX?) documents and fig files, which you could open, edit, print, etc.
Assuming your computer is adequate, that is. These particular documents are Sweaved and will require the xfig program,
so they won't compile on just any old PC. But many of the ones I will upload soon will be plain vanilla LyX files that
you can open, edit, compile, and print however you want.

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Paul E. Johnson is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Kansas. He is an avid Linux User, an adequate system administrator and C programmer, and humility is one of his greatest strengths.
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