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Advanced Virus Remover Hassle

A lady I help called because her Win system said it was infected and she needed to send in 49.95. It said she had a pernicious worm, but when I went and saw it, I was quite impressed by the … Continue reading

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Cluster Journal

Entry 1. Trials of Dell BIOS & Firmware upgrades Entry 2. One failed Rocks install Entry 3. Rocks install failed again.

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Cluster Journal Entry 2

Now I’ll try the Rocks 5.2 install. I decided to go outside the defaults by re-designing the disk partitions. I know what I want, I really do. But after about 1 hour of installation, it failed because something was out … Continue reading

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Cluster Journal Entry 1

I inherited 3 Dell Poweredge 2950, 60 Dell Poweredge 1950, 3 Dell Powervault MD3000, some racks, power unigs, several switches and a few boxes of cables and wires. These are 17 months old, but have never been used. There has … Continue reading

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