Copy Repositories with Rsync

In fedora-list, Ashley M Kirchner wrote Oct 6 2007

You can use rsync with any of the mirrors to keep a local copy. I
have a shell script that I run every so often:

~:> cat
echo "Getting Fedora Core 7 Updates...";
echo -e "********************************\n";
rsync --verbose --progress --archive \
--partial --delete --delete-excluded \
--exclude SRPMS/ \
--exclude ppc/ \
--exclude ppc64/ \
--exclude x86_64/ \
--exclude i386/debug/ \
--exclude i386/repodata/ \
rsync:// "/home/Fedora 7/Updates/";

This will fetch just the i386 folder from and
dump it into /home/Fedora7/Updates


man reposync

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