LyX and Figures Instructions in a Webcast

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On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 10:23 AM, William R. Buckley wrote:
> Well, I just learned that the .tex file that I have been laboring over
> can be imported into LyX, and it produces upon request the same
> document as does pdflatex (no wonder here though, since LyX
> must be orchestrating execution of pdflatex), with the erroneously
> presented graphic image.
> So, Dominik, did you have some suggestion for me regarding the
> insertion of graphics (PDFs) into my document with the assistance
> of LyX?

Yes, for some background information have a look at

Further I have created a screencast (413kb) about how to insert
figures within LyX. You can watch it at:

If someone likes, he or she can upload it into the wiki - I don't know
where to put it and how to upload it...


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