Orrin Hatch, “ISC questions…”

Orrin Hatch, famous Senator, actually writes journal articles?

ISC law was passed despite Constitutional questions. Like what?

Attorney general can always investigate. Question is, once a special prosecutor is in place, should the president have power over that person?

Hatch claims the ISC denies Congress's power to pressure anybody. C might pressure president, but can't pressure Atty General. (pj; I don't quite get that)

ISC law requires Atty Gen to ask Court for permission to appoint ISC.

Reno outraged many republicans by refusing to appoint Special Prosecutors, saying standard should not be "may have" but "did commit crimes." Hatch says that was proper. (pj: it takes a lot of power out of the whole idea).

How to fix?

--> find way to force ISC appointment, even if AG does not want? How?

--> ISC violates "unitary executive" principle of separation of powers. (pj: this is silly on so many levels)

Hell, no solution looks good. Forget the ISC, hope for the best.

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