Reeves, “Nixon”

I worked pretty hard to cut this down to just the highlights.

When you see comments about the Nixon administration, you don't usually get actual support for the claims. This book is different, it is base on a painstaking review off the actual audio tapes in the White House.

What kinds of bad things did they do? It is a pretty long list.

Raising milk prices in return for 2 million campaign fund

Broke into Daniel Ellsberg's home, and his psychiatrist's office.

Nixon Ordered breakin at the Brooking's Institutions to "clean their safe out"

Staff and supporters, with knowledge of Attorney General Mitchell, engineered a comprehensive scheme of surveillance and infiltration of democratic campaigns around the country. The Watergate break in was one manifestation.

The Watergate coverup. Nobody really knows for sure "what did the president know, and when did they know it?" But the tapes show Nixon working to interfere with investigators, and there's no doubt at all he fired the Attorney General for refusing to fire the Special Prosecutor Cox.

The behavior of the president and assistants is so bad that one is left wondering how many other bad things they did that were not documented.

One of the things you often read is that the Nixon administration kept an "enemies list" of about 30,000 people. These were people they wanted to mess with in any way they could. They were to receive bad treatment from the federal government. Organizations and individuals opposed to Nixon were harassed by the IRS and other organizations.

Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee was one of the young Republicans that was critical of the Nixon administration. After he visited the President to ask for information on behalf of the committee, his home was broken into and ransacked by unknown agents. Any doubt that the Nixon administration was behind it?

Don't forget the illegal campaign contributions. 1971 law required reporting of donations and that law was ignored. Many famous people were convicted of federal crimes afterward, including the owner of an American League baseball team in New York.

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