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Landing page for PSYC790, Statistics for Behavioral Sciences I (Regression Analysis).

Previously, I was teaching PSYC650 POLS706 and PSYC90 rolled together into one course. Now these things are separate so life is a little simpler. Sometimes you will run into outdated material and links that don't fit anymore. I'm trying to clean all that up.

Where is Everything?

I keep all my lecture material under the general topical structure in Feel free to dig around in there. The folders include the source code--everything needed to re-do the work. So if you want to revise some lectures for me, feel free. Send a "diff" file with your edits :)

But Wait, that's too awesome!

I have a general lecture link list, but it is out of date. The big lecture list is a one-stop shopping opportunity for people who can't find a Syllabus. But the sequence of items does not match the current course.

Are You Well Prepared?

If you think you might like to take the class, but are unsure if you are well prepared, I made a Checklist of topics with which we expect most social science graduate students will already be familiar. People who have had a course comparable to POLS306 or PSYC500 should be familiar with these items.

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