Swarm HQ This is my Swarm HeadQuarters, which is a feeble attempt to link together all this swarm stuff with a beautiful overall structure and, eventually, lovely pictures. Until then, well...

My Offerings, in no particular order, include

SwarmFest 2005 Tutorial Presented in Torino, Italy, June 5, 2005. The SwarmFest Research presentation on mixed electoral systems is available separately.

Presentations/Handouts from Ecological Society of America, 2004, Portland, OR

My Research Papers

Graduate Class on Agent-Based Modeling

Swarm On-Line FAQ (This is the "new format" that anyone can contribute to if I assign them a password). Please note I have migrated the SwarmOnlineFaq to http://pj.freefaculty.org/SwarmFaq/SwarmOnlineFaq.html. You should get forwarded to that from the old location.

Old Swarm FAQ (This is the old format, no longer being updated, but has tons more stuff than the On-Line FAQ)

Working Example Code This is a newest element of the FAQ/Swarm-support exercise. I've been grabbing up little worked examples that can be used to test particular problems.

My Swarm Code. A collection of Swarm programs and other handy utilities. Don't forget the Artificial Stock Market has its own homepage at http://artstkmkt.sourceforge.net

Other People's Code. Sometimes I find code by other people that needs to be fixed up. Then I post it here so everybody can share. This collection got started when I did a book review of the Luna & Stefansson volume of economic simulations in Swarm for Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation. local copy of review. Sometimes people send me code I really like, and I work on it some, or just post it the way it is. Usually, if I work on anything, I add a README file with my name and date.

Generations and Generations of Swarm RPMS and DEB packages.

It appears I've made an organizational mess out of this over the years because there were constant version changes in RedHat, then Fedora, then Ubuntu, then Debian, then whatever. I'm trying to reign in the wildness. Generally, when there is a new Swarm distribution, I try to make sure there are RPMS or DEBS for most of the Linux systems.

Please look here: http://pj.freefaculty.org/Swarm/Swarm-Packages. In there, you should see folders for RPMS or DEB packages for various Linux systems. This was a big hassle when we were pumping out new versions of Swarm every week or so, but now it is easier to handle. Now you should see

  1. Centos
  2. Debian
  3. Fedora
  4. RedHat
  5. Ubuntu
Generally, when I upload the installable packages, I also upload the packaging materials (SRPM files on RPM systems, debian directories for DEB systems). That way, anybody who has a slightly different system can read a manual and re-compile for herself. For RPM users, see Create RPMs for yourself.

If these don't work, let me know. directory! RPMs are Swarm libraries, presented in the format of RedHat Package Manager (RPM). The OLD_RPM_STUFF has truly antiqued Swarm RPMS. In the old days, I had to pass out RPMS for libraries like libffi, which is no longer needed, and blt, which has sometimes been in the main RedHat distribution. Now days, well, there's a long explanation when you get to the directory.

Miscellaneous support software. Seems like I find myself building gcc and other packages all the time. So I collected them up here: http://pj.freefaculty.org/software

Swarm User Guide. This is a pretty big project, I'm getting proud of it, if you have input and/or spot errors, please send them along. In particular, the part III section on collections is near to my heart. There is also a copy in post script in that same directory, userbook.ps.

Swarmfest 2002 Presentations that I collected and posted


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