Chapter 5. The Graphical User Interface

Table of Contents
5.1. Elements of the Swarm GUI
5.2. GUI Probe Displays
5.3. Using the GUI Probe Display

5.1. Elements of the Swarm GUI

Swarm provides a number of classes and protocols which generate a graphical user interface (GUI) to the user running a Swarm simulation, including:

Figure 5-1. Line graphs (in this case, a time series)

Figure 5-2. Histograms

Figure 5-3. Rasters of discrete two-dimensional data

Figure 5-4. Example ProbeMaps for the tutorial ModelSwarm and ObserverSwarm

All except the last (probes) are fairly self-explanatory and will be dealt with in subsequent chapters. This section describes how probes appear to the user running a Swarm simulation, and how the user can manipulate them. Probes also serve purposes other than assisting graphical widgets that the user can manipulate. However, in this section we will focus only on their role in the context of the GUI of a running simulation. The construction of the probes using the Swarm libraries is also left to a subsequent chapter.