Appendix A. Swarm Tools

Table of Contents
A.1. Web Resources for Object-Oriented Languages
A.2. Debugging Tips for Swarm
A.2.1. Finding bugs
A.2.2. Preventing Bugs: Objective C
A.2.3. Preventing Bugs: Java
A.3. Emacs and Swarm
A.3.1. Objective C
A.3.2. Java

A.1. Web Resources for Object-Oriented Languages

The main technical skill currently [1] required of a Swarm user is the ability to write in at least one of following object oriented languages: Java or Objective C. Other recommended skills include the ability to use tools such as gdb and emacs. For the record, if you know C and have some form of experience in either C++ or Smalltalk, then learning Objective C should take no more than a day or so.

Here are some Objective C resources:

Unlike Objective C, the market is literally bursting at the seams with books on Java, so we merely point out a few relevant sites:



As we continue extend Swarm's multilanguage features, further language bindings may become available.