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Paul Edward Johnson

Nickname: PJ

Current Position

Professor, University of Kansas

Educational Background

Washington University in St. Louis, Political Science, Ph.D., 1988

University of Iowa, Political Science, M.A., 1983

University of Kansas, Political Science & Speech Communications, B.A., 1981

Address:1541 Lilac Lane, Room 504
Dept of Political Science, Kansas University




political science


agent-based modeling

game theory

rational choice

Statement of Interests:

Ive worked on a number of the Swarm classics, like Heatbugs. My favorite variation on that uses itty bitty pictures of celebrities in place of the ugly greenies.

Also I worked on "voting models", models of candidate position taking, public opinion formation, and so forth.

In a recent Social Science Computer Review I have an essay on the code in the Artificial Stock Market and created a Sourceforge page about that (

Look out for a piece in JASSS on protest very soon. That is authored with David Brichoux.


Trying to make these SDG web pages work in a safe/coherent way is grinding me down. I want to allow user input, but people who get wrong html screw everything up. I like to allow bold and italics. Unfortunately, I have to kill of http references because an ill formed one can brake an SDG user page.

Im going to work on public opinion models and big sims of political interest group recruitment.

Yesterday I noticed a flaw that was corrupting passwords in here. But I think it is fixed now. I am waiting for bug reports, I mean.


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