POLS 110 Introduction to American Politics

Professor Paul E. Johnson

Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday, 2-4pm; Tuesday 1-2pm.

Where to find me? I'm in either of these 2 offices:

Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis (CRMDA), 470 Watson Library, 864-3353

Dept. of Political Science (PS), 523 Blake Hall, 864-9086

Rules, Schedules, etc

Because my GTAs prefer it, I've been migrating content to the KU BlackBoard system. That's really the place to go these days. http://courseware.ku.edu

The Course Syllabus and lecture schedule is available at http://pj.freefaculty.org/ps110/SYLFall12.pdf

Presentation Outlines

The presentations are available on the http://pj.freefaculty.org/ps110/presentations. They will be available whenever I remember to upload smile

We moved the readings to the KU BlackBoard

Available at http://courseware.ku.edu.

Study Guide

That stuff moved over to the BlackBoard as well. Sorry.