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3. Intermediate -- Language and construct questions, obscure errors, etc.

This section is for the users who have successfully installed Swarm and the support packages and run the demos, but are either having problems getting their own code mods to work or have questions about what the kernel or the apps are doing.

3.1 Application Parameters

Question: I am having some problems with setting paramters before a simulation run starts. I may change a value, it remains in the parameter window but it is not set in the program.

Answer: Did you hit return after you set the value? It's not entirely obvious, but when you hit return the window flashes red indicating the value was set. (Any GUI suggestion for how to make it clear you have to hit return to set the change is most welcome).

3.2 Relocating application executables

Question: Are the SWARM executables transferable to machines that don't have all on the libraries installed or does the executable code need access to them at run time.

Answer: It depends on how you link them. If you add the flag "-static" to the link line, gcc will statically link in everything and you have a standalone binary. If the shared libraries you use are standard enough, you can also try to transport the shared version and hope the other machine has them.

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