Paul Johnson Jan. 27, 2001

As I have worked on a book review essay for Francesco Luna and Benedikt Stefansson's volume (Economic Simulations in Swarm: Agent-Based Modeing and Object Oriented Programming. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000), I have found some code examples need to be updated to suit either changes in Swarm itself or gcc/glibc.

Here you will find tarballs for several of the chapters. This code has been "fiddled" by me to make it compile/run under Swarm-2.1.x. Please remember, I am trying to make the minimal changes to make the models run as originally intended. I notice in several of them there are deprecated usages and most of the time I have not changed them. I've made changes only when needed to make the model compile and run as intended.

If Swarm or gcc change, then further modification might be required, and you can feel free to send me patches.

In particular, I expect MS windows users will get quit-time crashes with some of these models. I have noticed that destroyNotification is necessary for graphs to prevent these crashes on windows, but Linux ignores this shortcoming. So, if the model dies when you hit the quit button, that is the reason why.

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