Vita Builder Group Member Pages

One benefit of membership in the illustrious organization is a personalized web page that the member can update through a web browser. Here is an alphabetical list of the members who currently have pages in this new format.

Eventually, everybody should have one of these pages. And if you want one, call some system adminstration somewhere. If members have requested that their information be kept confidential, we have respected that request and we do not list their name or a web page.

An, Li , Ph.D. candidate , Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife  Member Page

Anderson, James J. , Professor , University of Washington  Member Page

Bell, Robert E. , UCLA  Member Page

Box, Paul w , Assistant Professor, Aquatic Watershed and Earth S , Utah State University  Member Page

Burkhart, Roger M , Technology Architect , Deere & Company  Member Page

Cline, Ken , Software Engineer , AMS  Member Page

Daniel, William M. , Asst. Prof. Accounting, Economics & Finance , Nunez Community College, Chalmette, LA  Member Page

Daniels, Marcus G   Member Page

Dibble, Catherine , Assistant Professor , Geography Department, University of Maryland  Member Page

Donalson, Doug   Member Page

Gross, Louis J. , Professor of Ecology and Mathematics , University of Tennessee  Member Page

Harris, Lora A. , Graduate Student , Graduate School of Oceanography, U. of RI  Member Page

Hunt, C Anthony , Professor of Biopharm Science & Pharm Chemistry , University of California, San Francisco  Member Page

Jackson, Steve   Member Page

Johnson, Paul Edward , Professor , University of Kansas  Member Page

Johnson, David C. , Graduate Student, Village Project RA , Washington State University  Member Page

Kohler, Timothy A. , Professor of Archaeology , Washington State University  Member Page

Lancaster, Alex , Graduate Fellow , Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley  Member Page

Langton, Christopher G

Marshall, James A R , Lecturer , University of Bristol  Member Page

Nawa, Norberto Eiji   Member Page

Northcott, William   Member Page

Odell, James J. , Independent consultant , James Odell Associates  Member Page

Perrone, Alessandro AP , Computer Programmer , Alex2000  Member Page

Polhill, Gary , Research Scientist , Macaulay Institute  Member Page

Railsback, Steve , Partner , Lang, Railsback and Assoc.  Member Page

Riolo, Rick L. , Associate Research Scientist, Computer Lab Dir. , Center for the Study of Complex Systems, U of M  Member Page

Ropella, Glen E. P. , At-Large , Tempus Dictum, Inc.  Member Page

Schreiber, Darren M , Graduate Student, A.B.D. , UCLA  Member Page

Terna, Pietro , Full professor of Economics , University of Torino, Italia  Member Page

Tester, Pretend Q

Thommesen, Sven N.

Trembath, Dawn   Member Page

Viswanathan, Krishnan , Associate , Cambridge Systematics  Member Page

Young, Robert E , University of Virginia  Member Page