Paul Johnson's Guides And Lecture Notes

Paul Johnson's Guides And Lecture Notes


This directory is the top level in my "guides" collection that is now maintained in Subversion, the version management system. At the very bottom of this webpage, you should just see the "naked" directory listing from the Linux server. If I've forgotten to link up something from this beautified top part, well, you can still get there by clicking below. The folders are hierarchically organized.

Take What You Want (its Copylefted)

pdf files are generally output from LaTeX documents, which are also included in the same directory. It is fine with me if teachers or students download this material and use it in any way they want to, including the possibility of revising and updating the documents themselves. I am retaining copyrights, I am offering this under the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3 or greater. As far as I understand it, this means others can take my words and use them however they want, revised or not (with attribution) as long as they do not try to block other down stream users from having the same access.

New Feature: Custom Google Searcher

Will find key words in any content that is posted under guides. That includes Computing-HOWTO, stat, Rcourse, and so forth.

The Main Sections

  1. Statistics(aka "stat")

    Regression, math, distributions. Anything I use in statistics that is not explicitly and only about R. The part about R only goes under the next heading. To help navigate, I created a clickable "mind map" to guide you around in there. That requires you must have Java plugin on in your Web browser. Because Java is SLOW, that mind map does not display automatically anymore, but the link is there and you can follow it. By far the best lectures are on Regression models, in particular, multicollinearity. But some of the other ones are OK too :)

  2. Rcourse

    The R program and language for statistics. There are separate lectures on data management, plotting, and statistical analysis.

  3. Computing Howto.

    How to use Linux, the "command line interface", LaTeX/LyX, or Subversion. I wrote the LaTeX template for MA and Doctoral theses at KU in 2011, and my newest version should always be there.

  4. Write Programs in C or Java.
  5. Political Science material.

Terminology: What is a "guide" and what is a "lecture"

guide: Essay format. I find it much easier to just write out a paper, rather than wrestling with the hassle of making slides. All of my older material is just in a "guide" (essay) format. My students in psychology seem to insist on having slides, so I'm chaning over to writing that way (see next item).

lecture: Material that is prepared for slide shows. Usually there will be the source code for the slides (file extensions: tex, lyx, Rnw, Snw) as well as pdf produced from that.

article: When I produce slides from LaTeX, they come out in pdf format looking like a slide show. I've experimented with ways to compress that into "articles" that are more readily printed on paper. If you find a think that has a name like my-lecture-article.pdf, it is most surely one of those attempts. The quality of the output is uneven.

If these documents help you learn something, send me an "atta boy" at pauljohn at ku dot edu. If you spot mistakes, notify me as well.


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