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This directory can either be viewed within my R page WorkingExamples Folder or within the larger structure of my "online guides" directory, where I keep R lecture material, mainly for the R Summer Course.

The guides folder is a mirror of a Subversion repository, and I put the WorkingExamples in there on 2013-02-01 in order to better police my own litle changes to the examples. The R/WorkingExamples folder and the Rcourse/WorkingExamples folder are the exact same material.

The guides hierarchy includes several large sections

      Name                                   Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] figure/ 08-Oct-2016 11:58 - data-aggregate-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 26K data-array-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 31K data-array-2.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 22K data-merge-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 19K data-merge-2.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 32K distributions-gamma-01.html 07-Aug-2014 14:42 33K distributions-gamma-02.html 07-Aug-2014 14:56 30K distributions-gamma-03.html 07-Aug-2014 14:56 33K distributions-gamma-04.html 07-Aug-2014 14:56 39K distributions-GammaVersusNormal-1.html 06-Aug-2014 12:07 142K distributions-normalAndTCompared.html 06-Aug-2014 12:12 262K distributions-poisson-01.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 39K distributions-poisson-02.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 28K distributions-poisson-03.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 36K distributions-poisson-04.html 07-Aug-2014 15:27 74K distributions-Poisson-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:27 59K efficiency-stackListItems-01.html 31-Jul-2014 08:29 21K efficiency-vectorize.html 31-Jul-2014 08:29 14K factor-caution-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:29 14K glm-logit-compareLinks-1.html 07-Aug-2014 15:27 105K glm-logit-plotPrediction-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:29 171K glm-logit-simulation-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:29 53K glm-logit-unbalanced-1.html 06-Aug-2014 13:22 52K iteration-sapply-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:30 34K normalAndTcompared-1.png 14-May-2016 08:19 68K plot-3d-MVNormal-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:31 1.1M plot-3d-various-1.html 07-Aug-2014 15:36 343K plot-barplot-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:31 166K plot-barplot-2.html 05-Aug-2014 07:34 615K plot-critical_regions-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 596K plot-drawHist-01.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 456K plot-histogramWithLinesAndLegend.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 38K plot-identify_points-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 63K plot-layout-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 37K plot-math_functions-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 109K plot-Normal-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 118K plot-Normal-2-clt.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 140K plot-plotmath-01.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 125K plot-plotmath-02.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 24K plot-plotmath-02b.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 28K plot-plotmath-03-Normal.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 46K plot-plotmath-04-diagnosis.html 08-Oct-2016 11:58 174K plot-plotmath-05-label_trouble.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 27K plot-plotmath-06-substitute.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 21K plot-xspline.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 106K programming-createVariableNames-1.html 07-Aug-2014 15:44 22K programming-parse-eval-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 17K regression-doublelog.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 531K regression-log-on-right-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 37K regression-MARS-1.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 120K regression-orderedFactor-01.html 31-Jul-2014 08:32 28K regression-plot-factor-01.html 05-Aug-2014 07:40 96K regression-plot-factor-02.html 07-Aug-2014 15:44 61K regression-predictedPlots-01.html 05-Aug-2014 08:24 662K regression-predictedPlots-02.html 06-Aug-2014 07:51 128K regression-predictedPlots-03.html 19-Sep-2014 14:08 368K regression-quadratic-1.html 05-Aug-2014 08:41 629K regression-simulateSampling-1.html 07-Aug-2014 15:47 26K regression-simulateSampling-2.html 08-Aug-2014 08:11 40K regression-specificationTests-01.html 07-Aug-2014 15:54 110K Normal-2013.pdf 12-May-2013 06:28 8.4K Adobe Portable Document 00-top-boilerplate.R 10-Feb-2013 22:51 140 R code (script) data-aggregate-1.R 30-Jul-2013 11:52 6.7K R code (script) data-array-1.R 10-Jul-2013 22:11 7.3K R code (script) data-array-2.R 10-Jul-2013 20:30 4.0K R code (script) data-merge-1.R 23-Jul-2013 23:31 2.6K R code (script) data-merge-2.R 24-Jul-2013 00:08 2.1K R code (script) distributions-gamma-01.R 07-Aug-2014 14:42 354 R code (script) distributions-gamma-02.R 07-Aug-2014 14:56 813 R code (script) distributions-gamma-03.R 07-Aug-2014 14:48 762 R code (script) distributions-gamma-04.R 07-Aug-2014 14:47 2.1K R code (script) distributions-GammaVersusNormal-1.R 06-Aug-2014 12:07 2.9K R code (script) distributions-normalAndTCompared.R 06-Aug-2014 12:12 8.0K R code (script) distributions-poisson-01.R 10-Feb-2013 22:06 1.5K R code (script) distributions-poisson-02.R 10-Feb-2013 22:08 813 R code (script) distributions-poisson-03.R 10-Feb-2013 22:08 766 R code (script) distributions-poisson-04.R 07-Aug-2014 15:26 3.3K R code (script) distributions-Poisson-1.R 08-Feb-2013 10:31 1.1K R code (script) efficiency-slowFunctionCalls-01.R 09-Mar-2011 16:00 5.2K R code (script) efficiency-stackListItems-01.R 12-Feb-2012 20:57 5.9K R code (script) efficiency-vectorize.R 10-Feb-2013 22:57 1.0K R code (script) factor-caution-1.R 18-May-2013 12:59 649 R code (script) glm-logit-compareLinks-1.R 07-Aug-2014 15:16 3.5K R code (script) glm-logit-plotPrediction-1.R 01-May-2014 21:13 2.9K R code (script) glm-logit-simulation-1.R 10-Feb-2013 23:11 1.8K R code (script) glm-logit-unbalanced-1.R 06-Aug-2014 13:20 4.2K R code (script) iteration-sapply-1.R 02-Jun-2013 22:11 615 R code (script) plot-3d-MVNormal-1.R 08-Feb-2013 08:52 2.2K R code (script) plot-3d-various-1.R 07-Aug-2014 15:36 2.7K R code (script) plot-barplot-1.R 19-May-2013 22:22 7.2K R code (script) plot-barplot-2.R 05-Aug-2014 07:34 8.7K R code (script) plot-critical_regions-1.R 17-Feb-2014 15:50 15K R code (script) plot-drawHist-01.R 31-Jul-2014 08:22 8.9K R code (script) plot-histogramWithLinesAndLegend.R 10-Feb-2013 22:55 1.1K R code (script) plot-identify_points-1.R 08-Feb-2013 08:31 1.9K R code (script) plot-layout-1.R 21-Jun-2010 09:15 1.8K R code (script) plot-math_functions-1.R 21-Jun-2010 09:36 1.3K R code (script) plot-Normal-1.R 06-Feb-2013 22:23 2.1K R code (script) plot-Normal-2-clt.R 31-Jul-2014 08:24 3.9K R code (script) plot-plotmath-01.R 24-Apr-2013 09:48 1.6K R code (script) plot-plotmath-02.R 06-Feb-2013 22:38 2.4K R code (script) plot-plotmath-02b.R 18-May-2013 19:14 2.3K R code (script) plot-plotmath-03-Normal.R 31-Jul-2014 08:26 5.9K R code (script) plot-plotmath-04-diagnosis.R 08-Oct-2016 11:58 7.2K R code (script) plot-plotmath-05-label_trouble.R 08-Jul-2010 20:24 4.0K R code (script) plot-plotmath-06-substitute.R 21-Feb-2013 19:39 1.5K R code (script) plot-xspline.R 31-Jul-2014 08:23 7.5K R code (script) programming-createVariableNames-1.R 07-Aug-2014 15:40 2.5K R code (script) programming-parse-eval-1.R 22-Feb-2013 22:30 1.5K R code (script) regression-doublelog.R 11-Apr-2013 18:35 2.7K R code (script) regression-log-on-right-1.R 11-Apr-2013 19:00 1.1K R code (script) regression-MARS-1.R 28-May-2014 15:40 940 R code (script) regression-orderedFactor-01.R 03-Jan-2006 21:49 8.0K R code (script) regression-plot-factor-01.R 05-Aug-2014 07:40 4.9K R code (script) regression-plot-factor-02.R 07-Aug-2014 15:43 4.5K R code (script) regression-predictedPlots-01.R 05-Aug-2014 08:00 9.3K R code (script) regression-predictedPlots-02.R 06-Aug-2014 07:50 6.9K R code (script) regression-predictedPlots-03.R 19-Sep-2014 14:07 10K R code (script) regression-quadratic-1.R 05-Aug-2014 08:41 15K R code (script) regression-simulateSampling-1.R 07-Aug-2014 15:46 1.6K R code (script) regression-simulateSampling-2.R 08-Aug-2014 08:11 2.1K R code (script) regression-specificationTests-01.R 07-Aug-2014 15:53 2.6K R code (script)


Copyright Paul E. Johnson, 2000-2013.

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